The Hotel Guide

How to Choose the Best Hotel Accommodation


When choosing the best hotels, understanding star ratings would be helpful. Be sure to select the hotels that have high star ratings, to ensure you receive the best quality services by their staff and management.


Usually, 1 star will just meet minimum customer requirements which include - basic, comfortable and clean.


A hotel that has three star ratings means that the cpg hotels would offer you a wide range of facilities. It also obtains a good to very good quality standards.


A 5-star hotel will be considered to be the best hotel in the area and that it will provide the best amenities and excellent services.


Some countries would have the AAA rating system which will rate the hotel accommodation on a Diamonds scale from one to five. Most hotel providers will also have a "self rating" system, this should not be viewed as something negative in most cases. Many big hotel chains have used their own and unique rating systems that have could reflect what options are provided for each of their hotel or resorts.


Keep in mind that start ratings should not be a sole decider when finding the best hotel accommodation.


It is definitely obvious that a 5 star hotel will be much expensive and costly than a 1 star hotel room. But some hotels that have star ratings raging from 2 to 4, would have last minute offers or specials that would result to a 4 star that could be cheaper and affordable than a 2 star hotel room.  Always remember, don't let the price of the hotel be an indicator of comfort and quality.


Do you plan to have a vacation outside the country? Most hotels that are near the airport would be cheaper than those in central district or areas that cater to business people. By checking in close to the airport, you can book your flights easily and would avoid the traffic jams. You would want to consider hotels that will offer free shuttle services. You don't want to miss a flight, right? So be sure to stay a grand windsor hotel near the airport.


Lastly, always consider your budget. Search online for the best hotel accommodations that provide high quality services with a cheap and affordable price. Don't always take the hotel ratings a factor to deciding if there are some inclusions offered. These inclusions would include free breakfast, discount tickets or a drink voucher. So be sure to know the all details before checking in the hotel. Stay in a hotel that offers you excellent services yet it is on the budget.